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Festival T.V: A project that involves 3 stages.

A. The Walkabout: Introducing your two roving reporters Nina Fontano (Kate Wright) and Alain Bazzard (Richard Stamp). Accompanied by documentary maker/current affairs camera operator Paul Bell, Nina and Alain will capture interviews and moments with artists, producers, festival staff and audiences. The walkabout serves as a performance as well as a way for Paul Bell to gather footage for the daily findings.

B. The Show: A live chat show hosted by Richard Stamp and Kate Wright. The show presents Nina and Alain's edited daily findings on a big screen in feature segments. All the footage is filmed and edited the same day, thus creating site specific material.

C. Film documentation and online sharing through the use of facebook and/or a festivals website. We use live web streaming to instantly share the experience of F.T.V online and maintain a F.T.V facebook site creating a method to share experiences and opinions. We also can make the footage available to a festival and or event so that they can share and promote their festival and performances/acts online, creating short promos and interest through FTV stories. This is a great way to create buzz around an event and we can come create and share this online before a festival starts or get the inside ‘scoop’ behind the scenes, showing a side of a festival that audiences rarely get to see. This also works as a brilliant format to digitally document a festival creating a lasting legacy.

Festival T.V engages with people that would not usually engage with the arts by:

1. Through the performance:
The Walkabout performance will connect with people who we interact with and film. Nina Fontano and Alain Bazzard scour a festival searching for breaking news and exclusive interviews talking to the public while camera man and editor Paul Bell films this live as it happens.

FTV reaches people that would not usually involve themselves in the arts through engaging with the public in the walkabout. Using the structure and facade of the media is a very strong avenue to attract and engage with people. It is a familiar format that people instantly recognise and associate with. This makes it easy to approach and interview people. Having the skills and experience as street theatre artists gives us the ability to connect with people in a way that the mainstream media could not.

We talk to people from all walks of life who we meet on the streets in and around a festival site. We let them know where the footage will be broadcast which is always the same evening at the festival. This encourages them to attend and bring their friends and or family's to the live show of F.T.V so they can see themselves on the big screen, in turn involving them, telling their stories and making them a part of a live show event. We also talk and film artists, producers and directors backstage giving arts festival audiences the chance to see behind the scenes of a festival.

We give out FTV business cards that have a link to the website and Facebook and twitter pages directing people as to where to watch and share the footage of themselves and also all the footage gathered at a festival of their community, town and local festivals events. Documenting on the internet provides a platform to share with the online community and also for other festivals/audiences to engage with the festival we have been featuring.

Festival T.V is an original idea by Richard Stamp and is performed and made in collaboration with Kate Wright and Paul 'flash voyager' Bell of Feral Films. It was first performed at the Western Australian Circus Festival in 2009 and has since been performed at The Surge Festival Glasgow in 2010, National Theatre's Watch this Space season - Thames Festival weekend 2011 and most recently at the 2012 Western Australian Circus Festival.

Currently the FTV team have been making short promos for people performing at the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival at The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Tech Specs are available upon request through our technical director Paul Bell: pbell@westnet.com.au

Go to the Richard Stamp’s website: www.dotcomedy.info

Go to Paul Bell’s website: www.feralfilms.com.au

Image Gallery

Watch this Space' - Street Life (2011)

Surge Festival Glasgow & Western Australian Circus Festival (2010)

Watch this Space' - Zonika and Freed FTV (2011)

Watch this Space' - Human Statue (2011)


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